Northwestern Mutual Presents

2022 Intern Challenge

12 teams of interns compete to program the best light show on the Milwaukee Hoan Bridge.

12 teams compete

You Decide the winner

Voting closed for this year’s challenge.

Sponsored by Johnson controls

2022 Intern Mixer

To kick off this year’s Intern Challenge, Johnson Controls will sponsor an intern mixer event on July 25th, complete with a live band, DJ, light show synced with music sponsored by Generac, food trucks, and a lounge built and sponsored by Milwaukee Tool.

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Hoan Bridge Livestream
5:41 pm

Northwestern Mutual

Our Light Show is a representation of Northwestern Mutual’ s culture of Diversity & Inclusion. The show starts with sparkles and colors synonymous to Northwestern Mutual, Blue and Gold, to celebrate our 160 year legacy and our commitment to both policy holders and the surrounding community. The show then transitions into a symphony of colors representing 5 of our Employee Resource Groups (Pride, African American, Asian American, Disability Alliance, and Women’s ERG) to showcase the diverse backgrounds our employees come from. It ends with our signature colors, signifying how all these vibrant colors are thriving under the Blue and Gold umbrella!

Milwaukee Tool

  • The flashing red lights across the horizontal are morse code for “Milwaukee Tool One Team”
  • Each collection of verticals is a representation of one of our eight core trades, from the middle working out:
    • Transportation Maintenance is represented with slow moving red “cars” on a grey “pavement” background to signify cars moving on a road
    • Plumbing is represented in a flowing water pattern
    • Remodel is represented with a breakdown and buildup/ replacement of colors
    • Landscaping is represented in green with a change of shade to signify mowing
    • General Contractor is represented by a rainbow for versatility
    • Mechanical is represented by “building up” the lights in sections
    • Electrical is represented with sparks
    • Power Utility is represented with flowing warm light

with one more vertical as Milwaukee Tool red for good measure

  • All of these are then connected by Milwaukee Tool: once all eight core trades are lit and present, they are joined by our signature red

Johnson controls

Our light show represents the Johnson Controls community, here in the heart of Milwaukee, where our founder Warren Johnson developed his ideas and launched The Johnson Electric Service Company in 1885. Illuminating Milwaukee’s iconic bridge for us represents the Johnson Controls journey and how far we have progressed since 1885. Within this show you will see our company colors, representing the immense pride we have for our brand. You will then see the colors of the Brewers and the Bucks, two of Johnson Controls customers in the Milwaukee area, both being major components of our Milwaukee community. Next, you will see the rainbow Pride colors, representing our passion and true devotion to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Johnson Controls. And lastly, you will see our Milwaukee flag, representing our passion for our Milwaukee community, to conclude our show.

WE Energies

The We Energies design represents the company’s transition to cleaner, renewable energy. The show starts and ends with the We Energies colors — orange and white. The twinkling lights symbolize how the company is playing an important role in creating a bright, sustainable future. From there, the display focuses on three sources of renewable energy that the company provides — wind, hydropower, and solar. The wind is shown by a grassy field with a moving breeze; the hydropower is shown by rushing water; the solar is shown by the sun’s bright, beaming rays.


In the beginning, Baird colors come together, representing our associates and clients uniting to champion inclusion and diversity. Sparkles then represent the unique individuals at Baird interacting with each other. Next, rainbow-colored lights highlight the distinct talents and viewpoints of the Baird community, and the white lights symbolize unity. The colorful gradient symbolizes “Discover the Baird Difference,” and represents integrity, transparency, teamwork, and our commitment to putting our clients first. As these colors pour outward, they illustrate how our communities can discover the Baird Difference for themselves.

Quarles & Brady

Quarles’ design for Light the Hoan is inspired by our corporate responsibility program, Quarles Cares. The red light signifies the heartbeat of this program and of our firm’s values. This year, as Summer Associates, we had an incredibly memorable time volunteering at the Hunger Task Force. That volunteering opportunity — and our bridge design — represent our care for our communities, both within and outside the firm.

Molson Coors

For over two centuries Molson Coors has been brewing beverages that unite people to celebrate all life’s moments, becoming a local source of pride in Milwaukee. Our light show opens with the bridge’s main arch slowly lighting up to resemble a glass being filled with a beverage. While our history is rooted in beer, the beverage can take any form from our modern portfolio that expands well beyond beer. Next, the bridge fades into the colors that signify our five values, with orange being first, which represents our first and most important value, “Put People First,” followed by “Be Bold & Decisive” (yellow), “Take Accountability” (blue), “Learn Every Day” (bright green), and last but certainly not least “Celebrate Together” (dark green). While our time at Molson Coors has been short, we have all witnessed how our values truly drive our work, our products, and our culture. We proceeded to light up each part of the bridge with a different Molson Coors color, similar to a rainbow, to showcase diversity amongst our people, including all our Employee Resource Groups and community initiatives in the surrounding areas of where we live and work. Molson Coors is a place where bright ideas are born, so it is only fair that our light show is as vibrant and bright as our company.

Direct Supply

The light show begins with the Hoan covered in rainbows to represent the inclusivity flag. This highlights Direct Supply’s Partner Engagement Groups (PEGs) that aim to celebrate diversity and culture on our campus. The lights transition into Direct Supply’s branded blue color – signifying trustworthiness and loyalty – and then silver, which represents our dedication to seniors and those who care for them. The lights turn back to blue and then partially yellow to represent the People’s Flag of Milwaukee and signify Direct Supply’s community involvement and love for our city. Finally, the show ends in gold to celebrate the important and exciting stage of life our seniors are in: The Golden Years.

Johnson Financial Group

In order to create a light show that encompassed the mission, values, and spirit of Johnson Financial Group, we wanted to create something that especially highlighted unity, community, and inclusion as we felt these ideas are the pillars of our company and lived out by our employees. To translate this message into lights, the group took the staple Johnson Financial Group colors and created a unifying effect throughout the arch, showing how JFG reaches out internally to employees through our ‘OneJFG’ campaign and how we reach out to our clients and the community. The plethora of JFG colors shown unifying on the bridge represented the variety of manners that JFG is able to successfully make client and community connections. The colors then twist together to show that Johnson Financial Group would not be what it is without all of our clients, employees, and dedication to the community. We then ended the light show by having the bridge transition to Johnson Financial Group burgundy one last time in a way which signified unity and strength!

American Family Insurance

Show description coming soon.


Show description coming soon.

Rockwell Automation

Our show represents the heart of Rockwell: smart manufacturing and industrial automation. From the minute the software boots up to a product’s creation, our show takes viewers along every step of the way. Starting with the show’s loading bar, it boots up the software behind an assembly line that takes product assembly from start to finish. Suddenly, an epiphany, a supernova; a product has been created!


Voting closed for this year's challenge