2023 intern madness highlights

16 teams competed.
you decided the winner.

presented by Northwestern Mutual

2023 Intern Challenge

16 companies

500+ interns

28,921 website visitors

210% increase in votes from 2022

"The intersection between tech and art"

Light the Hoan engaged with local interns in tech-related positions/industries to participate in a session that taught them how to code light shows that were displayed on Milwaukee’s iconic Hoan Bridge in celebration of National Intern Day.

The 16 teams of interns from local companies developed light shows that reflected their company’s brand and culture during a March Madness-style bracket competition.

The event was a massive success and was a prime opportunity to highlight the intersection between tech and art, while demonstrating Milwaukee’s growing reputation as a hub of tech talent.

“Milwaukee has some pretty cool things going on almost constantly. It's exciting to be a part of one of them.”

“This challenge made me appreciate where I am from even more. I love Milwaukee, and I think the light the hoan bridge is a special part of our city.”

“I really enjoyed the concept of having some light-hearted competition to support our company pride! I had a nice time collaborating with my peers and friends to complete the challenge.”

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