Northwestern Mutual Presents

Intern Challenge

Eight teams of interns compete to program the best light show on the Milwaukee Hoan Bridge.

8 teams compete

You Decide the winner

Next round begins today at 9pm!

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Watch the light shows of each team to pick your favorite.
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Hoan Bridge Livestream
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meet the teams

Watch the light shows

Watch videos of each light show below. Light shows begin July 29th!

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is shaping the narrative of diversity and…

inclusion in our workplace and community. We chose to represent the vision of Milwaukee’s summer festivals that celebrate different cultures through food, dance, and a sense of community. Some of the festivals in our show include Polish Fest, Festa Italiana, German Fest, Bronzeville Week, Irish Fest, and Mexican Fiesta. Our show displays the diverse groups of people that make Milwaukee so special and in turn make Northwestern Mutual amazing.


This past year has been challenging for people around the world…

Baird’s “Light the Hoan” show represents the strength of Baird’s culture which has continued to put our clients first while being a best place to work for Baird associates even during these difficult times. Baird’s show begins with the colors of the world, representing our firm’s impact across the globe. “Coming closer into the world” you will see an array of different colors to represent Baird’s unique culture and diversity. Then we are “Zooming in” to Milwaukee, showcasing the Milwaukee Bucks colors, as our city is filled with excitement from our NBA championship victory. Finally, we proudly shine our Baird Blue!

American Family

Our Amfam Dream Team has elected to highlight… 

American Family Insurance’s Free to Dream Initiative to spotlight our commitment of supporting and advancing the partnerships, investments and initiatives within our communities. In our light show for the Hoan, we chose to feature two of the five Free to Dream pillars, Climate Resilience and Workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (See the entire list here). In addition to AmFam’s continuous commitment to helping students achieve their dreams, we are promoting the city of Milwaukee as the champion destination of the Midwest and a region of choice.

Direct Supply

The Direct Supply light show focuses on our passion to embrace…

all our employee-owners and work together to bring what’s next to senior healthcare. The blue and white lights on the arches represent Direct Supply’s branded colors while the vertical lights on the bridge feature six colors to represent the six different inclusion groups within Direct Supply. The final golden expansion speaks to our mission of enhancing the lives of seniors and helping to make their golden years shine brightly.

We Energies

At We Energies we focus every day on delivering affordable,… 

reliable and clean energy to our customers. We wanted to keep the lighting of the bridge simple, much like turning on a light. We selected the color orange to embody the power and warmth that We Energies provides to the homes and businesses of our customers.


The first part of the video is a sunrise, representing Kohl’s…

rebirth as a leader in active and casual lifestyle. It then transitions to the flag of Milwaukee, representing our history in the Milwaukee area and our commitment to helping improve the Milwaukee community through various local initiatives. Finally, the waving grass represents Kohl’s focus on environmental goals regarding climate action, waste and recycling, and sustainable sourcing, as well as giving a nod to our renowned green Kohl’s Cash that we all love and adore.

Rockwell Automation

For our Light the Hoan Bridge design, we wanted to incorporate…

the three key ideas that make up Rockwell Automation: Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainability. We decided to make each word represented by its own color. Blue for innovation to highlight the lightbulb imagery, silver for productivity to symbolize some of the work Rockwell Automation does such as manufacturing, and green for sustainability to mimic the sustainability of nature. At the end, we pulled in all the colors and Rockwell Automation colors to further show that these ideas make up what Rockwell Automation is today.

Quarles & Brady

At the national law firm of Quarles & Brady we have a philosophy…

of “one long hallway,” representing how the firm works collaboratively across offices and specialties to serve the varied needs of our clients. Our sequence begins with dots of light moving across a red background, representing all of the people at Quarles & Brady individually; the dots then come together into a unified pattern, representing Quarles & Brady’s collaborative work; finally, that pattern is followed by a sequence of diverse colors, representing the firm’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as the communities we serve. 

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